Our development is based on an eco-responsible approach with an integrated societal dimension.


Appreciated by its clients and suppliers for its financial transparency, ComeBack Graphic continuously aims to make good business practices an integral part of its operations.

  • Transparent invoicing
  • No putting suppliers and subcontractors in financially dependent situations


Create a climate of trust with suppliers
Develop long-term relationships with its clients

Sustainable development

Respect for the environment has become the responsibility of each of us.

We have integrated "eco-responsible" actions into our daily practices by encouraging waste sorting and responsible paper consumption.

We guide our clients towards using recycled paper and support the actions of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), which certified us in 2009.

The objectives of these two non-governmental organisations are to halt deforestation and preserve the worldwide balance in forest exploitation through responsible forest management.

The printers with whom we work are certified by at least one of these organisations and are members of the French IMPRIM'VERT network.

Societal responsability

In 2011, ComeBack Graphic applied to the UN Global Compact and confirmed its dedication to the essential values of the initiative :

  • Human rights
  • Labour law
  • Environmental protection
  • Anti-corruption